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U.S. & Global Mission



U.S. & Global Mission

Mission Statement

The Evangelical Assembly of Presbyterian Churches in America is committed to carrying out the Great Commission of Jesus Christ among all people around the world, preaching in places where people have not heard the Gospel, planting churches where people are responding to the Gospel, networking these churches for mission, and contributing to the advancement of the Kingdom of Heaven .

Global Missionary

Be a Global Missionary and Spread the Good News

An exciting world of global missions awaits you. The Evangelical Assembly of Presbyterian Churches in America has numerous opportunities around the world to be a missionary.

Invite a Speaker

Interested in having a speaker coming to a church near you? EAPCA offers speakers located around the world are available for talks.

Training and leadership education

Education is the key to a strong continuing mission. Every EAPCA missionary works to train and make strong Christian leaders in their local region.

Long-term missionaries

Missionaries who have dedicated their lives to God's work are all around the world.

Mission Network

The EAPCA network of churches extends throughout 100 countries around the world. The expansion of mission has been made possible through a strong network developed through the web.

Evangelism Resources

We hope that this valuable resource changes your perspective on evangelism and enable you to change the hearts of nations!


US Missions

Mission Expansion

Mission in America is prevalent and necessary today more than any time in history. America is experiencing a divide between faith and secularism.

Multi-cultural Mission

America today is a vast multi-cultural arena for mission. Immigrants and well-established cultural groups become an important context for mission.

Youth Ministry

The youth ministry division works tirelessly for the next generation. The three fold focus includes education, leadership, and fellowship.


U.S. & Global Mission

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