"The righteous shall live by faith." (Romans 1:17)






Stewardship is about supporting the church through the blessings that God has given to us. We must bless the church as God has blessed us. This is being responsible with all the resources that God has provided to us – often summed up as time, talent, temple, and treasure. There are many ways to give to the church, we hope you can find your way here.


We are called to be wise stewards of our abilities and time given to us on the earth. The Bible gives us specific guidance on how to use these most precious gifts of God.


When you offer your prayer to God on behalf of the church, God’s power can begin to work. Therefore, we are calling upon all believers to pray for the EAPCA mission.


Tithes mean “one-tenth.” It is the duty of a wise steward to offer a tenth of their earnings for the work of the Lord. This is when our treasure can be stored in a precious way.

Giving Fund

From time to time, EAPCA may announce special offerings to be earmarked for a specific purpose or project. Your participation in these offerings can help a great deal in achieving the goals of our church.


U.S. & Global Mission

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