"The righteous shall live by faith." (Romans 1:17)






The Good News

The Good News has some very good news - we are providing 3 months of free subscriptions to registered EAPCA members for orders! Now is your chance to give the gift of scriptural guidance to your favorite friend or relative. Plus, they will enjoy an abundance of heart-warming stories and anecdotes each month.

The Good News is a monthly periodical with reflective articles, edifying testimonies, and amazing stories from around the world. Through the writings of pastors, church leaders, and ordinary people, readers can see how the Gospel is working throughout the world on an everyday basis. Through this magazine, The Good News seeks to encourage believers and give them fresh hope for the present.

Among the busy world, people can often get lost in the mundane. We wish to revitalize their souls by reminding them of the amazing works that God provides. He is laboring every single day, and he is creating an even greater world as we move forward in time. We as believers must never forget the miracles, however big or small, that God provides as he tries to help us along the Great Commission.

In addition, through other people’s lives and stories, readers can be encouraged to live a more fruitful life. They will try to increase their devotion to God in whatever way they feel called. Moreover, non-believers can become inspired by the lives of the believers in these articles. Whether it be a priest or a common day person, non-believers can see their lives and come to know how the life of a Christian is different from the world and how joyous it can be. The Good News longs to see more people come together under Christ and truly devote their lives. Through this, the Great Commission can be achieved one day sooner, and more people can find true peace and love.


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