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Houston Immanuel to Host Ministers' Meeting

Jan 10, 2015

Pastors' gathering is going to be held on January 30th till February 1st in Houston Immanuel Church. The ministers from Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and Kansas are invited to share the annual reports and the vision for the New Year.  The meeting will include presentations of local chu

Immanuel NYC Implements Cell Church System

Jan 1, 2015

Immanuel Community Church in New York is taking steps towards realizing the formation of cell groups among the congregants. Preliminary discussions and plans have been discussed and a meeting with potential cell groups leaders is set to take place this week.  The adaptation of the cell g

South Atlantic Region to Reignite Noble Fervor in the Bible Belt

Oct 24, 2014

South Atlantic Region office announced the goal for 2015 in their monthly newsletter. The goal includes the areas of church growth and new programs that will open. Most of the states in the region belong to the Bible Belt, which is a term for the south-eastern and south central United States

Gratia Church in Seattle Prepares to Reopen Branch in Alaska

Oct 15, 2014

Alaska, the largest state in the United States by area, had been a mission field since 2010. The state is known to have the biggest occupancy of American Indians. Among the population in Alaska, 78% profess to being Christians, 62% are Protestants.  The church planting staff is drawing a

Pilgrim Church in Los Angeles Outreach Program Bears Fruit

Oct 5, 2014

Pilgrim Korean church and Latino Gracia church in Los Angeles have been collaborating to serve the locals, and their community project is starting to bear fruit in evangelism. The third class opened October 18, and a number of attendants came to learn Spanish and computer. Church members bega

Northeastern Presbytery Held Leadership Training

Sep 26, 2014

Ministers from the 7 states in the Northeastern Region gathered in New York City on Tuesday for the start of a three-day leadership training event that included lectures on organizing messages, delivering the message and keeping in mind the goal of a bible study student's commitment for Chris

Retreat Held at Michigan National Park, Grace Abound

Jul 25, 2014

On July 18-19, a regional retreat was held in Michigan. Bible lectures from Sermon of the Mount was delivered by ministers. The retreat was held at a natural camping site. The quietness of the environment was suited for participants to focus on God's Word.

EAPCA Planning for Outreach to Latin America

Jun 15, 2014

Ministers were exhorted in a recent conference to hold leadership trainings and retreats often. Setting prayer topics and counting numbers are top priorities; mission advancement must follow in a systematic fashion.   Plans are also being considered to expand the mission to Hispanics

Ministers Convene on Better Church Growth Strategies

Jun 18, 2014

Over 3 days, ministers across the nation convened online to attend seminar to for better church growth methods. The topics covered basics of evangelism, various methods, and how to set up events to draw age-specific audiences.

EAPCA Encourages Deep Prayer During Lent

Mar 30, 2014

The lent is one of the best seasons for Christians to experience spiritual renewal through deep prayer mediating on the meaning of the cross.


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