"The righteous shall live by faith." (Romans 1:17)





St. Luke's Ministry

St. Luke’s Ministry

The ongoing struggle to heal the ills of man are embodied in this ministry. Health professionals and aficionados alike are invited to join with others in your field and interest to provide healing both physically and spiritually.


Physicians face many moral and ethical issues daily. Many of these decisions are made based on previous training, experience, and also faith. We wish to provide a forum to help physicians in our congregations perform their duties faithfully by:

  • Networking physicians to create a forum of discussion about health issues.
  • Providing materials to assist in understanding the church's views on various issues facing the health profession.
  • Supporting physicians in their often stressful profession.  
  • Allowing physicians to be better connected with the community through the congregation.  
  • Coordinating events where physicians and the community can meet to discuss issues of importance.  
  • Providing opportunities for physicians to provide services to the community .


Nurses are involved in a selfless profession. Their work often embodies the essence of service to others and sacrifice. We salute the nurses of our congregations, and support their efforts to take care of the sick. Many young congregants may be interested in entering this field of work; for those who wish to find a mentor in the field of nursing, please contact our office.


Volunteering at area hospitals are a great opportunity to help others! Contact us to find out which local hospitals are in your city.


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