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Dr. Cowley Interviews with TLN, "People Like You"

September 7, 2013


Dr. Tom J. Cowley recently had the interview with Total Living Network (TLN) and spoke about his book, Biography of Jesus and MyBibleBasics series. TLN is the San Francisco-based Christian TV network that strives to direct people to Christ and address life's issues through electronic media. 

"1 Peter 3:15 instructs us to always prepare and tell the reasons for our joy of salvation, but with courtesy and understandings. We have library of stories to open people's hearts, but when it comes to the life of Jesus, often times we don't know which story to share," said Dr. Cowley. 

Tom's book, the Biography of Jesus, together with MyBibleBasics DVD series help readers to effectively recollect the life stories of Jesus in four geographic locations and for the story of Jesus to become a living part of our faith and in our sharing the Gospel. 

He continued, "What comes around goes around. In early days, sharing creeds was very important, then printing press came along, and Bible was made available under people like Wycliffe and Luther. Now as we move into the 21st century, oral sharing becomes very important." 

Tom's entire DVD series are available to view on the website, mybiblebasics.com . Click here to go to the website. 


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