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US Presbyteries Convene to Renew Frontier Mission

June 20, 2013

On Thursday, June 20, 2013, US Presbyteries' leaders gathered to call for renewing all frontier mission fields according to the recent EAPCA-released mission statistics. Detailed analysis on statistics, close examinations and evaluations were made, with which each presbytery head office will create suggested action steps to renew small to mid-sized frontier mission fields. 
"This time of convene was a wake-up call for all US mission fields. I felt that God is watching over all US mission fields that are in pioneering stages or are gradually declining. All states shall walk on a straight path towards renewals as we are passing the middle of this year," shared one of the participants.
Upon identifying the stagnant mission fields that need changes for renewal, each presbytery leader will continue on finding the root cause per state's situations and making a list of improvement points which then will be applied to the inactive mission fields. For the most of cases, lacking in outreaches was found as one of major root causes in the mission fields that are weakening. 
"Despite all obstacles in mission, ministers are called not to lose focus on the core standards for the mission growth. From this meeting and on, all presbyteries' head offices are called to be the watchmen who continuously make changes and wake ministers up in their regions," shared the presider of the meeting. 


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