"The righteous shall live by faith." (Romans 1:17)





The Evangel-Press

Focused more on an adult audience, The Evangel-Press aims to help its readers grow in faith. It is often easy on the path of faith to grow stale, but this magazine is meant to encourage all to strive in growing in Christ. We are never too old to learn something new about the bible. It is like a deep well. There is always more water to draw from it, and the lower you drop the bucket, the colder the water you can draw from it. In The Evangel-Press, there are articles and writings that try to help the EAPCA community to grow deeper in the Word, becoming more than surface Christians, and receiving Word that will better quench their souls’ thirsts.

Inside, it also includes uplifting testimonies from our members all around the world. These stories can either be about the grace of God in someone’s life, the successful spread of the gospel, or even about the miracles that have happened in people’s lives. These awe-inspiring tales will refresh the soul of the reader as well as provide encouragement as they continue on their walk of faith.

The Evangel-Press has helped congregations across our denomination to understand the inner workings and issues facing the church. We have helpful articles by faithful contributors, and new sections developed in response to your suggestions. The Evangel-Press is always striving to improve in every manner, not being content with repetitive issues. If you haven't picked one up yet, we encourage you to subscribe today through your presbytery and local church offices. 

Growing in the Word

Growing in the Word is a periodical for teens and young adults, who can explore the Bible's stories and prepare for more in-depth study later in life. The focus is on familiarization with major figures from the Bible, their lives, and the lessons we can gain from them.

During these years of people’s lives, individuals face many life changing choices that will stay with them as they grow into adults. Thus, it is important that they engrave the Word into their hearts as they go through this transition phase in life. It becomes difficult as one grows older to change, because we become so used to repetition and custom in our lives. The youth of the world need to be caught now before they make decisions that they will regret later in life or keep them farther from Christ. Also, youth today have so much passion. They are needed for God in that they can do anything they set their mind to. The goal of Growing in the Word is to create a youth culture centered around Jesus.

In addition, Growing in the Word provides stories and topics that are relevant to their age group. Youth reading this can be able to connect and relate to the stories that are presented, and through that, gain strength. It is comforting to know that other people their age are going through the same problems. Teens and young adults will be able to find answers to those questions that they have in a direct and helpful manner. In no way, will this publication be judgmental. Every youth should own a copy of this.

Bible Stories

Bible Stories is a teaching system for children of any age. With step-by-step instructions, Sunday School teachers will find this a great resource for their curriculum. It will make teaching the Bible easy and be something fun for everybody.

Within its pages, young children will be able to experience the entertaining stories of the Bible in an educational approach. They will be able to learn the morals of the Bible while also being able to enjoy the fantastic realism and miracles of it. There is no better way to reach kids than through stories and games. It makes complex concepts simple and relatable. Instead of the Bible being some intricate set of concepts and doctrines, it is an approachable story book in which God wants to share his love.

While children are still young, it is vital that they are exposed to the Bible. By doing so, kids will be able to more readily accept the Gospel later in life and avoid the pain of being separated from the Lord. Jesus teaches about the preciousness of little children in the Bible. They are the ones who truly have faith. In doing so, we should accordingly give them the proper basis of faith with the Bible as the foundation. Bible Stories is a must for all young children ministries.

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