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Launching MyBibleBasics.com - An Interview with Dr. Tom J. Cowley

October 24, 2012

Tom J. Cowley, author of Biography of Jesus and current Moderator of the Evangelical Assembly of Presbyterian Churches in America (EAPCA), spoke about the launch of MyBibleBasics.com .  

EAPCA: Why Bible Literacy Important for both Christians and Non-Christians?

The Bible is a challenging 1500+ page book to wrap our minds around. It is made up of sixty-six separate books written in a variety of genre, about people who lived and events that happened 2-4 centuries ago.  Connecting all these writings presents a challenge to many readers and Christian lay people. People can get bogged down understanding and connecting the various parts of the Bible.

Literacy is having the knowledge of a body of information to read and share information in daily life.  Creating an overview outline in our minds of a subject, for example the Bible, helps us to develop knowledge, remember and share information with friends.

The reason the Bible is important to Christians is it should be viewed as God’s complete word (logos) for humankind;  Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth.  Non-Christians need a spiritual compass for daily living.  A non-Christian might focus on a portion of the Bible for study and review.  I suggest starting with the life of Jesus, as told in the four Gospels. The Gospels are less than 100 pages of reading in the Bible. My book;  A Biography of Jesus  is a narrative of Jesus’ life from the Gospels, in a brief, chronological easy to understand presentation. All people should study the events, life, and teachings of Jesus – he changed human history. 

EAPCA: TV Series, audience, benefit?

The TV lecture series is designed to augment the book A Biography of Jesus.  In addition to reading, visual input is an important learning tool. The audience for the TV series is the same as the audience for the book: all people. 

If there is a focus, I would say young people.  I’m interested in ways to reach the next generation of people with knowledge of the saving life of Jesus.  I believe he was the son of God, with a message for all humankind to build their lives on the rock; love God and love your neighbor. 

All of us should study the events, teaching, and claims of Jesus for ourselves.  The TV series, in 4 short 28 minute lectures, overviews in outline form the life of Jesus. We have created a special web site;  www.MyBibleBasics.com to share this information around the world. 

EAPCA: Prayer topics – Future Plans?

For the last 20+ years I have tried to follow the Lord’s lead on how to help lay persons read, love, and remember God’s word, the Bible.  My prayer is that this Bible literacy ministry will continue to be blessed.  I have seen, on a very small scale, in churches, conferences, and schools that lay people benefit from using  my guide books;  A Biography of Jesus  and  Remember the Heart of the Bible, Love God – Love Neighbor.

The former book, as noted above, provides an outline of the life of Jesus while the latter book overviews the whole Bible.  

Much as the user friendly version of  A Biography of Jesus  was published in 2012; my hope is that a simple overview version of  Remember the Heart of the Bible  will be completed and published in 2013. My prayer request is to continue to serve the Lord as he directs and hopefully share the Good New of Jesus to a broader audience around the world. 

The EAPCA and its dedicated staffs have helped immensely in building www.MyBibleBasics.com and also in sharing the copies of A Biography of Jesus  among its church leaders.  I look forward to receive feedbacks from the audience on their use of the book, web-site, and visual materials. My hope and prayer is that our Bible literacy ministry will continue to be in God’s will - Jesus is Lord!  

Tom J. Cowley teaches the life of Christ, the Bible, church history, and Christian worldview. Dr. Cowley is a D.Min. Graduate (2004) of United Theological Seminary, Dayton, OH.  

Stepping back from a business career of strategic planning, Tom has "refired" himself for ministry to equip followers of Jesus to tell the story of Jesus and a mission that all people know Jesus and his teachings. He has served in various church leadership roles, but currently is focused on his writing and teaching ministry. Tom married his loving wife, Karen in 1964. He is a proud father of two married children, Allison de Laveaga and John Cowley. Karen and Tom enjoy family, including four grandchildren, from their home in Tiburon, CA. 


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