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Quick Timeline

Europe :1530-1600

Presbyterian churches trace their roots back to John Calvin, a French-born theologian whose writings and ministry in the city of Geneva influenced many churches' structure and theology starting from the mid-16th century. These include the Church of Scotland, the Presbyterian Church in Ireland and, in England , the United Reformed Church.


Religious persecution and concern for their families drove some of their congregants to America . The most famous voyage was made aboard the Mayflower by the Pilgrims, who formed a colony in Massachusetts in 1620.

America :1700-1900

More settlers and immigrants followed, bringing their theology and Presbyterian polity to America in succeeding centuries. Included in these traditions are:

America :1900-Present

The Evangelical Assembly of Presbyterian Churches has assembled to succeed nearly five centuries of Presbyterian history. Our work includes:

By establishing model churches to lead America , we envision transforming this nation into “a city on a hill” [Matthew 5:14 ] that beams the light of the Gospel to the entire world.